Eric Pflug Artist Feature | Super 8

Eric Pflug was born in Omaha Nebraska on September 8th, 1997 (Virgo). He is the 8th of 10 children to Martin and Kathleen Pflug. His father is a satellite/computer engineer and his mother is an early childhood educator. The Pflug household is a loving and supportive environment, art and music have always been encouraged and celebrated. Marty and Kathy are a great example of love and faith to their family. “God is Love,” is a simple truth instilled in their lives by Kathy.  Eric has been making paintings, sculptures and drawings since an early age and still keeps this childlike wonder as an approach to his creative process today. 

Eric was fortunate to attend parochial schools, and graduated from Gross Catholic High School in 2016.  In school, his favorite activities included soccer, culinary and ceramics. After graduation, Eric moved out of his parent’s house and started working as a carpenter’s apprentice. In 2007 a skateboarding accident left Eric with an injured shoulder and unable to work as a carpenter. This is when he decided to become a full-time artist.  His first gallery show was a 6 month cycle of paintings at “The Diner” in Omaha. 

Today, Eric resides in Mead, Colorado.  He works in residential construction, studies yoga and creates new art daily. Some of his favorite activities include camping, hiking and rock climbing. Another current project in the works is a TV show titled  “Hallowed Harmony,”  a serendipitous educational dramatic comedy series. The show is in pre-production stages and Eric works as an intern in the art department. He creates storyboards, branding posters and various products for Conscious Universe Productions.