Mostly just poetic excerpts from my journal and some inspiring quotes, enjoy!

As the snow melts
A mountain stream grows
The cards we’re dealt
Fly away when the wind blows

A finch chirps nearby
The fire burns
Smoke gets in my eyes
The world turns
Days pass by
The sun and moon dance in the sky
Airplanes fly high, but clouds have known more time

A rocky peak protrudes many miles away
Between two pines my hammock swings today
Rest your legs and weary head
While I make toast with seeded bread

Barefoot on the mountain side
Bear cubs with mouths open wide
Mother reaches up her roots
Unlace those old leather boots

Twisted branches fill my sight
Each green leaf photosynthesize
Twigs and pinecones beneath my feet
Spark a fire to we can eat

Warm at night with comfort close
Body, blood and holy host.

The focus here is now to be
Close your eyes to truly see
Feel the sound that nature calls
With deep roots the tree grows tall

Baby birds fly from the nest
Chipmunks bounce from East to West
Climb and rock and catch a view
Every moment is brand new

This valley spans so far from here
But in its bossom we’re held dear
Sitting on a camping chair
Feel the embers’ warming glare

Hunt like hawks
Spread like seeds
The mountain talks
When listening

Welcome death with every breath
Gratitude is life’s health
There’s so much to awaken to
The wilderness is like a school

Time crumbles every natural presence
Yet only exists in the present
The sand falls between these finger’s feeling
A memory cycles of the planet healing
Sending love to all sentient beings
Nourish your soul and keep on swinging.

Reaching for your light, the trees greatest plight. Day is born again, she is my closest friend.
Call me when you please. This love is growing in the marrow our bones concieve.
A little space- a longer race, hold a pace and kiss my face.
Creations to hold and to share. Soon we will be there.
Let me know how, tell me of those desires. Let me know when- on an axle to spin.
Reserved for the post, deliver you the most.
Purple yellow red and blue, orange as the day is new.

Where the fuck do you want to go?
Please, just let me know. Remember, the future is always new.
Feeling free when you stand with me. The thorny vine creeps up a tree, living life fully.
Let’s escape to the stars and sky. I could happily die when looking in your eye.
Buried or burned, this body had it’s turn.

Passing pleasures, how else could we measure?
With leisure, enjoy life’s treasure.

“God loves like the sun shines, an everlasting source of compassion, available by aligning ourselves with the light inside of us. Prayer, meditation, journey work and the creative arts are royal roads to deepen and maintain our connection with the divine.” – Alex Grey 

The creative process is a very personal experience. Through the exploration of art, we are able to share this experience with others. Visionary art has guided countless individuals on their path to enlightenment. A simple brushstroke holds mystery and truth within its unique form. Different details resonate with every viewer, revealing new meanings in each microcosm. 

A painting is built with both conscious and unconscious action. Sacred forms meet intuitively with textured colors to balance an artistic reflection. Reality is intertwined with works of art, breathing life into the universe. As creators, we constantly strive to “tap in” to deeper understanding.  By letting go of preconceptions we become open to boundless love. This love drives us to manifest and share spirited models of reality. May we share our truth and be recognized as complex individuals who are One with All. 

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – “May all beings be happy and free, and may my thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to that happiness and that freedom for all.” 


Waiting for the perfect perception
Watching the muddy water’s flowing reflection
How many failures until a learned lesson
Ripples bouncing from a quick impression.

Blood beat for something simple
Plucking chords with fingers nimble.
Split trees have fallen
Who was here to hear bees buzzing
Pollen, plastic bottles and cigarette butts
The smoldered fumes keep lungs shut.
Breathing in breathing out
Crying out yet lacking sound
Voice cracking in a silent scream
Choking on another dream.

Camping out three miles high
The mountainside wont say goodbye.
Machete chopping through thickest thicket
Eating chocolate for that golden ticket.

Cavities and a crown
Build another town
Try to not act so shy
Sharing truth, may spirits fly.

Pouring love onto the page
We are actors and Earth’s a stage
Crossing bridges from yesterday
Making memories is the only way.

I don’t know, let it show
Blinding light from fresh snow
Fun is fun and friends are friendly
The eyes and heart reveal depth unending
Love is blind to material things.
We are spirit embodying human beings.

Holding hands, making plans
Try to help me understand
What’s the reason for your pain
Get particular and explain.

Got enough tears for two?
So does the morning dew
Let these memories fall and burn, then we take our turn
Thin hungry man chooses to steal
From the farmer who grows a meal
Plant a seed, do the deed
One less fear about next year.

Sun shines on a working ox
Flowers bloom like coo coo clocks.

The plight of a plow
Upturning the soil of a frown
Like a key, you and me, opening
Sacred vibrations keep space between

Winters spring and summers fall
Evolving on this spinning ball
The oceans vast and mountains tall
So you should know, we have it all.

Give your heart to mother earth
Decomposing days into rebirth.